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Beyond Cage-Free

Free range chickens make better tasting eggs

Pasture Raised Meats

A difference you can taste

The Pasture Raised Difference

Lynch Farms, happy chickens pecking at bugs in the pasture

Family Owned Since 1854

Lynch Farms family photo.

From Our Family to Yours

We Deliver to Your Door

Why go to the store? Get pasture raised meat delivered right to your door! We make it that easy. All you have to do is open the door.

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Pasture Raised Meats

We searched high and low to find the highest quality, USDA inspected processors to bring our customers the most wholesome product possible. Our bacon and hams are hickory smoked and processed without nitrates, MSG or any other artificial preservatives.


Beyond Cage Free Eggs

At Lynch Farms, we have learned that happy hens lay healthy eggs. No cages and no confinement, just happy chickens with the run of the farm. If you stop in, you'll see chickens behaving as they naturally do: scratching, picking and foraging, with a dust bath here or there.


Lizzie Lynch Spices

Hardworking blends of sea salt, organic herbs and spices, so versatile and flavorful, they are good with any meal. Just a sprinkle makes everything taste better. Pairs perfectly with pasture raised meats, eggs, fish, potatoes, rice, legumes and vegetables.

Blog posts

Easy like Sunday Morning

Easy like Sunday Morning

One of our favorite breakfast recipes- 5 ingredients! Depending on the size of your family this makes enough for a hardy breakfast and plenty left...
Bone Broth

Bone Broth

We have grass-fed beef and bones! Grass-fed Beef:1/4 - $5/lb hanging weight40 lb - $30020 lb - $175Just Bones - $2.50/lb Excellent article from...
Pastured Pork...not the other white meat

Pastured Pork...not the other white meat

What's this you ask? These are pork chops from pigs that spend their days outside. These chops vs. grocery store fare is like comparing a couch p...

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We love the customer service, meat delivered right to your door. Best bacon ever. Last week we tried some of their ground beef. Very lean and tasty.

Tom & Olga from Sparta

Chicken is fabulous! So good. Love that you deliver right to our door! #happychickens

Jessica from Lacrosse

Absolutely love everything we get from Lynch Farms! That includes hamburger, pork, chicken, and eggs!

Sara from Houston


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