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Grass Fed Beef

Angus beef raised on pasture with unlimited access to a variety of grasses using rotational grazing methods. No growth hormones or antibiotics. Pastures are not treated with pesticides or insecticides. Meat processed in a USDA inspected facility.

Lynch Farms beef provides you with a large variety of the highest quality delicious beef. Be prepared to taste the pasture raised difference! 

The hanging weight is the weight after the pig has been slaughtered, insides removed and blood drained. After the cut-up process, you will end up with 75-80% of the hanging weight: head and hooves removed, bone-in cuts made (such as roasts, steaks, etc.) and meat taken off the bone for the "trim" meats (such as hamburger, etc.). You are getting all of the meat from the pig, just not all of the bone. This is where the hanging weight and actual pounds of meat you receive differs.

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