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Instant Pot - My Favorite Kitchen Appliance

Image of Instapot on white background. Our favorite kitchen appliance.

The Instant Pot is my favorite kitchen appliance I have ever owned! Maybe, you've noticed, since I've posted about the Instant Pot on our Facebook page several times over the past two years, since I've owned it. In that time, I've made amazing bone broths, soups, beef roasts, whole chickens, spare ribs, rice, dry beans, and pork roasts; including a 6 lb pork roast for pulled pork (sharing the pulled pork recipe with you below). The Instant Pot is great for busy families - even if you forgot to plan dinner, meals can be done in a hurry, even with frozen foods.

Lynch Farms Pulled Pork Recipe for Instant Pot

1. 6 lb pork roast, brown all sides using oil and "saute" function. 

2. Add 1/2 cup of water to bottom of pot. 

3. Add 2 TBSP Worchestershire sauce to pot. 

4. Sprinkle 1 tsp salt on meat. 

5. Crush 10 cloves of garlic and rub on meat. 

6. Cook on "manual" for 90 minutes. 

7. Once pressure releases, remove from pot, shred with fork (removing extra fat and bones) and place back in pot (don't turn it off). 

8. Let meat sit in juices for several hours, then serve. 


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